“Are you charismatic, bold, outspoken and energetic”?

“Do you have a strong knowledge of all things South African”?

“Can you envisage earning a more than decent living, being your own boss and picking and choosing where you want to work”?

“Is it in your nature to take the bull by the horns and be as successful as you want to be”?

Then maybe it’s time to become, a “Biltong Bar” vendor!

My name is Clive Reese and I own “The Biltong Bar”.

The idea for the Biltong Bar was born out of 25 years of sales, marketing, business development and project management experience in both Telecoms and Construction sectors. Having becoming an expert in my field, I was often tasked with the roll-out of special projects, working in diverse markets in the DRC, Dubai, South Africa and Canada but always felt that I could never deliver to my full potential. Red tape and bureaucracy always got in the way. I was an individual, much too spontaneous and creative to fully immerse into and pursue a corporate future.

When I finally settled in the United Kingdom, I was ready to seize an opportunity for financial freedom and to spread my wings of creativity, so with my extensive experience and charismatic determination, I launched The Biltong Bar.

Within 6 weeks, all start up costs were recovered and I was making a good living, enjoying my work and getting to connect with the very thing I miss the most.... South Africa.!

For those who have lived there....you will understand what I’m talking about. Having lived there for 35 years, one of my favourite things was Biltong, so that’s what this is all about.

Anyone who knows biltong, will understand that there’s biltong.....and then there’s “Biltong”. Let me start by saying, that The UK has some of the finest recipes and producers of Biltong products in the world and would go so far to say, besides the fact that we can’t currently import SA beef, that the products that are produced here, surpass most in creativity and have a far more superior quality in processing methods.

Now here’s the funny thing..... There’s almost a million South Africans here in the UK.... So that means a lot of consumers. Furthermore, as Biltong is rapidly becoming known for its heath properties and massive protein values, it’s not surprising that the market here in the UK is undergoing a Biltong Boom.

Biltong Bar is an established brand that has a proven business model with a tried and tested formula for fast and aggressive market penetration. The impact of this brand is such that it can be absorbed into any target area.

If you become a vendor, we will supply the branding, the business formula, the introduction to markets and supply of stock. A clear road map will be presented as to how the operation functions as well as first hand guidance throughout your experience.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor and you have what it takes to make this business yours, then it’s time to risk a little, to gain a lot. The start up cost is nominal and the rate of return rapid.

This is your opportunity to get on board and become a successful Biltong Bar Vendor, enjoying the freedom of your own business and making your own success.

For more information, e-mail your interest in the vendor programme to biltong.bar@outlook.com

Our development and expansion expert will then contact you.